Correction Policy

Energy Industry News -

1. Our commitment:

At Energy Industry News, we take seriously our commitment to provide accurate and reliable news. If we publish inaccurate information, we will take immediate action to correct the error.

2. Request for Correction:

If you believe that content we have published contains an error, please contact us by e-mail at When reporting an error, please clearly indicate the title of the news item, the date of publication and the error.

3. Correction Process:

Reported errors are quickly reviewed by our editorial team.

If the error is confirmed, necessary corrections are made in the relevant content.

A note informing our readers is added under the corrected news item. This note indicates what was corrected and when the correction was made.

4. Transparency:

Corrections are made in a transparent manner. We make it clear to our readers what was wrong and how it was corrected.

5. Fast Response:

All correction requests submitted to us are evaluated as soon as possible. If errors are confirmed, the correction is made within 48 hours.

6. Continuous Improvement:

We continuously improve our training and review processes to prevent errors and improve the quality of our content.